TX Text Control: Using a customizable SpellCheckDialog

When TX Spell .NET is connected to an instance of TextControl, a context menu and a pre-configured SpellCheckDialog is provided automatically. This SpellCheckDialog is opened by TX Text Control and cannot be customized. In order to customize the dialog box, the SpellCheckDialog from TX Spell .NET can be used.

The source code is contained in the following directories:

  • Samples\WPF\CSharp\TextControl\SpellCheckDialog
  • Samples\WPF\VB.NET\TextControl\SpellCheckDialog

Principally, the integrated SpellCheckDialog of TX Spell .NET can be used with all types of input controls. If used in combination with TX Text Control, the handling is completely automated and no additional code is required. The SpellCheckDialog method can be easily called with a TextControl instance given in the constructor as a parameter:


After starting the sample program, simply click on the Spell Check Dialog... button to open the fully customizable user dialog box.