New Features and Update Notes

TX Spell .NET 4.0 provides the following new features:

Multilingual Hyphenation Support

TX Spell .NET 4.0 provides various methods to hyphenate words by utilizing Hunspell hyphenation dictionaries. It returns the next hyphenation point before a specific word divide position or an array of all hyphenation points for a specific word. A hyphenation list can be added to the TXSpellChecker.HyphenationLists collection by using the TXSpellChecker.HyphenationLists.Add method or setting the TXSpellChecker.HyphenationLanguage property. The HyphenationList class provides properties to adjust the settings for the defined hyphenation list. The method GetHyphenationPoint uses that hyphenation list, that was set as default by using the TXSpellChecker.Hyphenation property. GetHyphenationPoints uses the hyphenation list from the TXSpellChecker.HyphenationLists collection or the default hyphenation list folder where the language property corresponds to a defined language.

Language Specific Spell Checking

TX Spell .NET 4.0 provides additional implementations of the TXSpellChecker.Check and TXSpellChecker.CreateSuggestions methods. These overloads enable spell checking of a specific text and the creation of suggestions with all dictionaries of a given language.

'Right-To-Left' Dictionary Support

TX Spell .NET 4.0 implements specific support for dictionaries of 'right-to-left' languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu.

Improved Dictionary Memory Footprint

The memory footprint of TX Spell .NET has been decreased by storing loaded dictionaries in an efficient and more compressed way. This allows TX Spell .NET to work with more dictionaries at the same time which is essential for multilanguage spell checking and hyphenation.

Dictionary Loading Performance

In order to increase performance and usability, significant improvements have been implemented in TX Spell .NET 4.0. The loaded dictionaries are loaded asynchronously which increases the overall initialization performance. The LoadDictionaryDelayed property specifies whether a dictionary is loaded partially when added to the TXSpell.Dictionaries collection or not. If set to true, it is possible to spell check text while the dictionary is still loading. This relation between having dictionaries loaded into memory and spell checker performance allows for optimum spell checking results.