New Features and Update Notes

TX Spell .NET 7.0 provides the following new features:


TX Spell .NET 7.0 implements the new method TXSpell.CreateSynonyms that returns an array of synonym groups where each group represents a collection of synonyms with common meaning. These synonyms are based on thesaurus files which are represented by synonym list objects. These lists are automatically used by the first and the second overload of the TXSpell.CreateSynonyms method when they were added to the TXSpell.SynonymLists collection or can directly committed to the third overload of that method.

UserDictionary File Path

To ascertain the name and path of the file where a user dictionary was loaded from or saved to, the UserDictionary provides the FilePath property.

.NET Framework

TX Spell .NET 7.0 has been compiled with .NET Framework 4.0.