Control Settings


Class Description
TXTextControl.AdaptFontEventArgs The AdaptFontEventArgs class provides data for the TextControl.AdaptFont, WPF.TextControl.AdaptFont and ServerTextControl.AdaptFont events.
TXTextControl.AutoSize The AutoSize class is used with the TextControl.AutoControlSize property, to enable automatic expansion or shrinking of a Text Control's width or height.
TXTextControl.FontSettings The FontSettings class provides settings determining which fonts can be used in a document.
TXTextControl.VersionInfo The VersionInfo class provides information about the running TX Text Control version, such as the version number, the installed service pack number and the product level.


Constructor Description
TXTextControl.AutoSize Initializes a new instance of the AutoSize class.


Event Description
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.AdaptFont Occurs for each font that must be adapted, because it is not supported.


Method Description
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.Create Initializes the resources of a newly instantiated object.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.GetVersionInfo Returns an object of the type VersionInfo, which provides information about the installed TX Text Control version.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.OnAdaptFont Raises the AdaptFont event.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.ResetBackColor Resets the BackColor property to its default value.


Property Description
TXTextControl.AdaptFontEventArgs.AdaptedFontName Gets or sets the adapted font.
TXTextControl.AdaptFontEventArgs.FontName Gets the name of the original font which must be adapted.
TXTextControl.AdaptFontEventArgs.SupportedFonts Gets a list of all fonts currently supported.
TXTextControl.AutoSize.AutoExpand Gets or sets possible directions for expanding the control.
TXTextControl.AutoSize.AutoShrink Gets or sets possible directions for shrinking the control.
TXTextControl.AutoSize.MaxSize Gets or sets the maximum size, in pixels, for expanding the control.
TXTextControl.AutoSize.MinSize Gets or sets the minimum size, in pixels, for shrinking the control.
TXTextControl.FontSettings.AdaptFontEvent Specifies whether a TextControl.AdaptFont event is raised, if a font must be adapted.
TXTextControl.FontSettings.EmbeddableFontsOnly Gets or sets a value specifying that only embeddable fonts can be used in a document.
TXTextControl.FontSettings.ScalableFontsOnly Gets or sets a value specifying that only free scalable fonts can be used in a document.
TXTextControl.FontSettings.TrueTypeFontsOnly Gets or sets a value specifying that only TrueType and OpenType fonts can be used in a document.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.BackColor Gets or sets the background color of the control.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.FontSettings Gets a FontSettings object which provides properties determining which fonts can be used in a document.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.FormattingPrinter Gets or sets the name of a printer the text dimensions and capabilities of which are used to format the document.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.IsCreated Gets a value indicating whether the control is completely created.
TXTextControl.VersionInfo.Major Gets the major version number.
TXTextControl.VersionInfo.Minor Gets the minor version number.
TXTextControl.VersionInfo.ServicePack Gets the number of the installed service pack.
TXTextControl.VersionInfo.ProductLevel Gets the installed product level.