An instance of the SignatureField class represents a signature field in a Text Control document. A signature field is a frame which can be inserted in a document and that acts as a site for a signature image. An image can be added, when the document is designed or later when it is digitally signed. When the document is saved as a .pdf document, each signature field can be associated with a digital certificate using the SaveSettings.SignatureFields property.


public class SignatureField : FrameBase
Public Class SignatureField
  Inherits FrameBase

Introduced: 31.0.


Constructor Description
SignatureField Initializes a new instance of the SignatureField class.


Method Description
ChangeZOrder Changes the frame's z-order.
(Inherited from FrameBase)


Property Description
Alignment Gets or sets the frame's horizontal alignment when it is anchored to a paragraph.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
Bounds Gets the frame's bounding rectangle relative to the upper left corner of the document.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
ID Gets or sets an identifier for the frame.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
Image Gets or sets a SignatureImage.
InsertionMode Gets or sets a value determining whether the frame is treated as a single character or the document's text either flows around or overwrites the frame.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
Location Gets or sets, in twips, the frame's current location.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
Moveable Determines whether a frame can be moved in the document at run time with the built-in mouse interface.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
Name Gets or sets a name for the frame.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
SignerData Gets or sets a suggested signer's name, title and address and a reason why to sign the document.
Size Gets or sets the frame's size in twips.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
Sizeable Determines whether the frame can be resized at run time with the built-in mouse interface.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
TextDistances Gets or sets the distances, in twips, between the frame and the document's text.
(Inherited from FrameBase)
TextPosition Read only.
(Inherited from FrameBase)

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