New Classes, Properties, Methods and Events

In TX Text Control 18.0 the following new classes, properties, methods and events have been added:


Method Description
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartCollection.Add Inserts a new chart in a Text Control document.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartCollection.CopyTo Copies the elements of the collection to an array, starting at a particular index.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartCollection.GetItem Gets a particular chart from the collection.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartCollection.Remove Removes a chart from a Text Control document.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame.AddUndoUnit Add the current state of the chart which is connected with this ChartFrame to the undo stack.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame.Refresh Refreshes the chart.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.ChangeZOrder Changes the frame's z-order.
TXTextControl.FrameCollection.CopyTo Copies the elements of the collection to an array, starting at a particular index.
TXTextControl.FrameCollection.GetItem Gets a particular image, text frame, chart, barcode or drawing from the collection.
TXTextControl.FrameCollection.Remove Removes a frame (image, text frame, chart, barcode or drawing) from a document.
TXTextControl.MisspelledWordCollection.GetCount Returns the number of misspelled words with a special meaning from the collection.
TXTextControl.MisspelledWordCollection.Ignore Changes the text of the specified misspelled word and marks it as ignored.


Class Description
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartCollection An instance of the ChartCollection class contains all charts in a document represented through objects of the type DataVisualization.ChartFrame.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartEventArgs The ChartEventArgs class provides data for all events that occur with charts.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame An instance of the ChartFrame class represents a chart and its layout in a Text Control document.
TXTextControl.FrameCollection An instance of the FrameCollection class contains all images, text frames and charts in a document.


Property Description
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartEventArgs.ChartFrame Gets an object that represents the chart which causes the event.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame.Chart Gets the chart control associated with the chart frame.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame.ExportCompressionQuality Sets a value between 1 and 100, which is the quality of a lossy data compression used, if the chart's image is exported.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame.ExportFileName Gets or sets the file name, when the chart's image is exported.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame.ExportFilterIndex Gets or sets the format used, if a chart's image is exported.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame.ExportResolution Gets or sets the maximum resolution in dots per inch in which the chart's image is saved.
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.ChartFrame.SaveMode Determines whether the chart's image is stored through its binary data or through a file reference.
TXTextControl.MisspelledWord.IsDuplicate Gets or sets a value which marks the misspelled word as duplicate.
TXTextControl.MisspelledWord.IsIgnored Gets or sets a value which marks the misspelled word as ignored.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.Charts Gets a collection of all charts in a document.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.Frames Gets a collection of all images, textframes, charts and barcodes in a document.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.IsCreated Gets a value indicating whether the control is completely created.
TXTextControl.TextFrame.Transparency Gets or sets the text frame's transparency.


Event Description
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.ChartCreated Occurs when a new chart has been created.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.ChartDeleted Occurs when a chart has been deleted.