Creating Security Profiles

DS Server implements OAuth as the security layer to authorize requests from your application. In order to enable OAuth, security profiles must be added. You can create as many security profiles as required. Typically, a profile is created per application to separate access credentials.

For each security profile, a Client ID and a Client Secret is created that is used in the OAuth authorization process to request access tokens. To learn more about the OAuth Web API, have a look at the Web API endpoint documentation:

Web API Reference Guide - OAuth

In the DS Server admin portal, new security profiles can be added.

  1. Select Security Profiles from the main menu to open the security profile overview. Click on Create new profile to create a new security profile:

    Security profiles

  2. Type in a name and confirm with Create:

    Security profiles

  3. The profile details are shown including the Client ID and Client Secret values required for the OAuth authentication flow:

    Security profiles

  4. Open the created security profile and click Add URI. Paste one or more of the following URIs to list of URIs.

    Feature URI

    Security profiles