Gets or sets an array of additional offsets, in pixels, between the buttons. The maximum size of the array is 31.


public int[] ButtonOffsets { get; set; }
Public Property ButtonOffsets() As Integer()


This example shows how to use the 'ButtonOffsets' property. Two Buttons are created and an additional offset of 20 pixels between the buttons is created.

TXTextControl.ButtonBar buttonBar1 = new TXTextControl.ButtonBar();
buttonBar1.ReadOnly = false;
buttonBar1.ButtonPositions = new TXTextControl.Button[]{
buttonBar1.ButtonSeparators = new bool[] {true};
buttonBar1.ButtonOffsets = new int[]{20};
Dim buttonBar1 As TXTextControl.ButtonBar = New TXTextControl.ButtonBar()
buttonBar1.[ReadOnly] = False
buttonBar1.ButtonPositions = New TXTextControl.Button() {TXTextControl.Button.FontBoldButton, TXTextControl.Button.FontItalicButton}
buttonBar1.ButtonSeparators = New Boolean() {True}
buttonBar1.ButtonOffsets = New Integer() {20}