Gets or sets an array of boolean values specifying whether or not a separator is drawn between two buttons. The maximum size of the array is 31.


public bool[] ButtonSeparators { get; set; }
Public Property ButtonSeparators() As Boolean()


This example shows the usage of a TXTextControl.ButtonBar,ButtonSeparators property. Here, a ButtonBar is created with 2 specific buttons and a separator between those.

TXTextControl.ButtonBar buttonBar1 = new TXTextControl.ButtonBar();
buttonBar1.ReadOnly = false;
buttonBar1.ButtonPositions = new TXTextControl.Button[]{
buttonBar1.ButtonSeparators = new bool[] {true};
Dim buttonBar1 As TXTextControl.ButtonBar = New TXTextControl.ButtonBar()
buttonBar1.[ReadOnly] = False
buttonBar1.ButtonPositions = New TXTextControl.Button() {TXTextControl.Button.FontBoldButton, TXTextControl.Button.FontItalicButton}
buttonBar1.ButtonSeparators = New Boolean() {True}