Gets or sets the painting style of the buttons.


public ButtonStyle ButtonStyle { get; set; }
Public Property ButtonStyle() As ButtonStyle


Member Description
ColorScheme Paints the button bar's buttons with a light to dark variation in color. The colors depend on the color scheme currently set through the system or on the colors set with the DisplayColors property.
FlatButtons Paints the button bar's buttons without visual effects.
ThreeDimensionalButtons Paints the button bar's buttons with 3D effects.
XPButtons Paints the button bar's buttons in Windows XP look.


The ButtonStyle property gets or sets the painting style of the buttons. Here, the ButtonStyle is set to 'ColorScheme' - as well as the BorderStyle property - so that user defined colors can be used.

TXTextControl.ButtonBar buttonBar = new TXTextControl.ButtonBar();
TXTextControl.ButtonBar.Colors colors= new TXTextControl.ButtonBar.Colors();
buttonBar.BorderStyle = TXTextControl.ButtonBarBorderStyle.ColorScheme;
buttonBar.ButtonStyle = TXTextControl.ButtonStyle.ColorScheme;
colors.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.White;
buttonBar.DisplayColors = colors;
Dim buttonBar As TXTextControl.ButtonBar = New TXTextControl.ButtonBar()
Dim colors As TXTextControl.ButtonBar.Colors = New TXTextControl.ButtonBar.Colors()
buttonBar.BorderStyle = TXTextControl.ButtonBarBorderStyle.ColorScheme
buttonBar.ButtonStyle = TXTextControl.ButtonStyle.ColorScheme
colors.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.White
buttonBar.DisplayColors = colors