Sets a value between 1 and 100, which is the quality of a lossy data compression used if this image is saved. It is only used if the image data is compressed with a lossy compression algorithm. A value of 100 indicates the maximum quality, a value of 1 indicates the minimum quality. If this property is set to zero, which is the default value, Text Control uses the quality value set with the SaveSettings.ImageCompressionQuality property or a compression specific default value.

Introduced: 11.0.


public int ExportCompressionQuality { get; set; }
Public Property ExportCompressionQuality() As Integer


In this example the 'ExportCompressionQuality' property is set to its lowest data compression.

TXTextControl.Image myImage = new TXTextControl.Image();

myImage.Sizeable = false;
myImage.HorizontalScaling = 75;
myImage.VerticalScaling = 75;
myImage.ExportCompressionQuality = 100; // here, the 'ExportCompressionQuality' is set to '100' (maximum quality)

textControl1.Images.Add(myImage, -1);
Dim myImage As TXTextControl.Image = New TXTextControl.Image()

myImage.Sizeable = False
myImage.HorizontalScaling = 75
myImage.VerticalScaling = 75
myImage.ExportCompressionQuality = 100 ' here, the 'ExportCompressionQuality' is set to '100' (maximum quality)

textControl1.Images.Add(myImage, -1)