Gets or sets the maximum resolution in dots per inch in which the drawing's bitmap image is saved. If this property's value is zero, which is the default value, Text Control uses the resolution value set with the SaveSettings.ImageMaxResolution property.


public int ExportResolution { get; set; }
Public Property ExportResolution() As Integer


The following example shows how to use the TXTextControl.DataVisualization.DrawingFrame.ExportResolution property. Here, it is set to 0. Remember, this indicates that the resolution value is set with the SaveSettings.ImageMaxResolution property.

TXTextControl.Drawing.TXDrawingControl myDrawingControl = new TXTextControl.Drawing.TXDrawingControl();
TXTextControl.DataVisualization.DrawingFrame drawingFrame = new TXTextControl.DataVisualization.DrawingFrame(myDrawingControl);

drawingFrame.ExportCompressionQuality = 100; 
drawingFrame.ExportFileName = ""; 
drawingFrame.ExportFilterIndex = 0; 
drawingFrame.ExportResolution = 0; // here, the ExportResolution is set
drawingFrame.SaveMode = TXTextControl.ImageSaveMode.Auto;

textControl1.Drawings.Add(drawingFrame, -1);
Dim myDrawingControl As TXTextControl.Drawing.TXDrawingControl = New TXTextControl.Drawing.TXDrawingControl()
Dim drawingFrame As TXTextControl.DataVisualization.DrawingFrame = New TXTextControl.DataVisualization.DrawingFrame(myDrawingControl)

drawingFrame.Activate() ' here, the Activate method is used
drawingFrame.ExportCompressionQuality = 100
drawingFrame.ExportFileName = "" 
drawingFrame.ExportFilterIndex = 0 
drawingFrame.ExportResolution = 0 ' here, the ExportResolution is set
drawingFrame.SaveMode = TXTextControl.ImageSaveMode.Auto

textControl1.Drawings.Add(drawingFrame, -1)