The MergeBlockSettings class is used to insert a table or paragraph based repeating merge block into a TextControl instance using the DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock method.


public class MergeBlockSettings
Public Class MergeBlockSettings

Introduced: X14.


Constructor Description
MergeBlockSettings Initializes a new instance of the MergeBlockSettings class.


Property Description
AddResult Returns whether the new block has successfully been inserted by DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock.
BlockTemplateType Gets or sets a value of type BlockTemplateType which specifies the type of the inserted repeating block.
CreateHeaderRow If this property is true and property BlockTemplateType is set to BlockTemplateType.TableRow, a table header row is automatically generated.
CreatedTable Returns the table created by DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock if property BlockTemplateType was set to BlockTemplateType.TableRow.
FieldDisplayMode Gets or sets a value of type FieldDisplayMode which specifies the content display mode of the inserted fields.
HighlightColor Specifies the color the inserted merge block is highlighted with if the input position is inside the block.
TableID Gets or sets the ID of the table created by DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock.