Merges a collection of type System.Collections.IEnumerable containing objects of any type or instances of type System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary with string keys into the loaded document template.

Introduced: X10.

MergeObjects(System.Collections.IEnumerable, Bool)

public void MergeObjects(System.Collections.IEnumerable mergeData, bool append);
Public Sub MergeObjects(ByVal mergeData As System.Collections.IEnumerable, ByVal append As Boolean)


public void MergeObjects(System.Collections.IEnumerable mergeData);
Public Sub MergeObjects(ByVal mergeData As System.Collections.IEnumerable)


Parameter Description
mergeData Specifies a System.Collections.IEnumerable that contains the merge data.
append Specifies whether the single documents should be merged into one document or split into separate documents.