The FormChoiceField class implements the base class for Adobe PDF AcroForms form choice fields.


public class FormChoiceField : FormField
Public Class FormChoiceField : FormField

Introduced: X19.


Constructor Description
FormChoiceField Initializes a new instance of the FormChoiceField class.


Property Description
AlternateFieldName Gets or sets the alternate field name of the field.
(Inherited from AcroForms.FormField)
Bounds Gets or sets the rectangle bounds of the form field in the document.
(Inherited from AcroForms.FormField)
CanEdit Specifies whether a field can be edited.
CommitOnSelChange Specifies whether the form is submitted when the selected is changed.
DoNotSpellCheck Specifies whether spell checking is enabled or not.
FieldName Gets or sets the name of the field.
(Inherited from AcroForms.FormField)
FieldType Gets or sets the type of the field.
(Inherited from AcroForms.FormField)
MultiSelect Specifies whether multiple options can be selected.
Options Gets or sets the option elements of a choice field.
Sort Specifies whether the list can be sorted.
Value Gets or sets the selected value of a choice list.