Gets or sets values specifying automatic sub- or superscripted text. When using automatic sub- and superscript the font is scaled and moved above or below the baseline with values defined through the font itself. Automatic sub- and superscript can be combined with a user-defined baseline which can be set with the Baseline property.

Introduced: 30.0.


public AutoBaseline AutoBaseline { get; set; }
Public Property AutoBaseline() As AutoBaseline


Member Description
None Text is not sub- or superscripted.
Superscript Text is moved above the baseline.
Subscript Text is moved below the baseline.
SuperscriptUpperEdge Text is scaled und moved above the baseline. The moved text does not extend above the upper edge of capital letters. This can be used for nominators of diagonal fractions.
SubscriptBaseline Text is scaled, but is not moved below the baseline. This can be used for denominators of diagonal fractions.