The FormattingStyle class is the base class for the InlineStyle and ParagraphStyle classes. It implements the functionality common to all formatting styles.


public class FormattingStyle
# Public Class FormattingStyle

Introduced: 10.1.


Method Description
Apply Applies all set attributes of the style to the current document.


Property Description
AutoBaseline Gets or sets values specifying automatic sub- or superscripted text.
BaseStyle Gets the FormattingStyle which is the base style of this style.
Baseline Gets or sets a user-defined baseline alignment, in twips, of the style.
Bold Gets or sets the bold attribute of the style.
Capitals Gets or sets values specifying wheather lowercase letters are displayed with capital letters.
CharacterScaling Gets or sets the style's character scaling, in percent of the average character width.
CharacterSpacing Gets or sets the style's character spacing value, in twips.
Culture Gets or sets the style's culture.
FontName Gets or sets the font of the style.
FontSize Gets or sets the font's size of the style.
ForeColor Gets or sets the style's color used to display the text.
Italic Gets or sets the italic attribute of the style.
Name Gets or sets the name of the style.
Strikeout Gets or sets the strikeout attribute of the style.
TextBackColor Gets or sets the style's text background color.
Underline Gets or sets underlining styles for the style.