Gets or sets the format used if the image is saved. This is the number of the filter in the string returned through the ImageCollection.ExportFilters property, beginning with number one. If the ImageCollection.ExportFilters property is used to initialize the FileDialog.Filter property of a Framework dialog, the FileDialog.FilterIndex property can be used as value for this property. A value of zero indicates that no export format has currently be specified for the image. In this case the original format is used that can be obtained with the SignatureImage.FilterIndex property.


public int ExportFilterIndex { get; set; }
Public Property ExportFilterIndex() As Integer


Member Description
1 Windows Bitmap (.BMP)
2 Windows Metafile (.WMF)
3 Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)
4 JPEG File Interchange Format (.JPG, .JPEG)
5 Windows Enhanced Metafile (.EMF)
6 Tagged Image Format (.TIF)
7 Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF)