An instance of the SignatureImage class represents an image for a SignatureField. It can be specified with the SignatureField.Image property.


public class SignatureImage
Public Class SignatureImage

Introduced: 31.0.


Constructor Description
SignatureImage Initializes a new instance of the SignatureImage class.


Property Description
ExportCompressionQuality Sets a value between 1 and 100, which is the quality of a lossy data compression used if this image is saved.
ExportFileName Gets or sets the file name used, if a Text Control document is saved.
ExportFilterIndex Gets or sets the format used if the image is saved.
ExportMaxResolution Gets or sets the maximum resolution in dots per inch used if this image is saved.
FileName Gets or sets the corresponding file name and path from which the image has been loaded.
FilterIndex Gets or sets the format of the image.
SaveMode Determines whether the image is stored through its data or through its file reference.