Each FieldNavigatorItem represents an item in a predefined Find or Replace control. The corresponding string of a FindAndReplaceItem is the same as the item's Name property. The FindAndReplaceItem enumeration can be used with the FrameworkElement.FindName method to get the item and manipulate it.


Member Description
TXITEM_FindWhatLabel Identifies the Find What label.
TXITEM_FindWhatTextBox Identifies the Find What text box.
TXITEM_ReplaceWithLabel Identifies the Replace With label (only with Replace content layout).
TXITEM_ReplaceWithTextBox Identifies the Replace With text box (only with Replace content layout).
TXITEM_FindOptionsToggleItem Identifies the Find Options toggle item.
TXITEM_FindOptionsLabel Identifies the Find Options label.
TXITEM_FindOptionsSeparator Identifies the Find Options separator.
TXITEM_MatchCase Identifies the Match Case check box.
TXITEM_MatchWholeWord Identifies the Match Whole Word check box.
TXITEM_SearchUp Identifies the Search Up control.
TXITEM_SearchInMainText Identifies the Search In Main Text check box.
TXITEM_SearchInFootnotes Identifies the Search In Footnotes check box.
TXITEM_SearchInTextFrames Identifies the Search In Text Frames check box.
TXITEM_SearchInHeaderFooters Identifies the Search In Header Footers check box.
TXITEM_FindNext Identifies the Find Next button.
TXITEM_Replace Identifies the Replace button (only with Replace content layout).
TXITEM_ReplaceAll Identifies the Replace All button (only with Replace content layout).
TXITEM_Cancel Identifies the Cancel button.