Occurs to handle displaying context sensitive mini toolbars. The event handler receives an argument of type WPF.MiniToolbarOpeningEventArgs containing data related to this event. The event itself is raised if the ShowMiniToolbar property is set to a value that is not MiniToolbarButton.None and the corresponding mouse button is raised.

Introduced: X15.


public event WPF.MiniToolbarOpeningHandler MiniToolbarOpening;
Public Event MiniToolbarOpening As WPF.MiniToolbarOpeningEventHandler


It is recommended to handle this event for toggling the visibility of added or built-in context sensitive items of the WPF.TextMiniToolbar or WPF.ObjectMiniToolbar. Determining their structure should be handled by the WPF.TextControl.TextMiniToolbarInitialized or WPF.TextControl.ObjectMiniToolbarInitialized event. Furthermore the WPF.MiniToolbarOpeningEventArgs.MiniToolbar property can be used as an interface to set custom context sensitive mini toolbars.