Occurs immediately after the built-in WPF.TextMiniToolbar was initialized. The event handler receives an argument of type WPF.MiniToolbarInitializedEventArgs containing the TextMiniToolbar that was created. The event is raised if the ShowMiniToolbar property is set to MiniToolbarButton.LeftButton, MiniToolbarButton.RightButton or MiniToolbarButton.LeftButton | MiniToolbarButton.RightButton.

Introduced: X15.


public event WPF.MiniToolbarInitializedEventHandler TextMiniToolbarInitialized;
Public Event TextMiniToolbarInitialized As WPF.MiniToolbarInitializedEventHandler


It is recommended to handle this event to determine the structure of the WPF.TextMiniToolbar. Toggling the visibility of items should be handled by the WPF.TextControl.MiniToolbarOpening event.