The WPF.MiniToolbarInitializedEventArgs class provides data for the WPF.TextControl.TextMiniToolbarInitialized or WPF.TextControl.ObjectMiniToolbarInitialized event of a WPF.TextControl just after the pre-defined WPF.TextMiniToolbar or WPF.ObjectMiniToolbar was created. Its MiniToolbar property provides the corresponding mini toolbar, which can be altered, extended or completely replaced to determine its basic structure.


public class MiniToolbarInitializedEventArgs: EventArgs
Public Class MiniToolbarInitializedEventArgs
  Inherits EventArgs

Introduced: X15.


Property Description
MiniToolbar Considering which event (WPF.TextControl.TextMiniToolbarInitialized or WPF.TextControl.ObjectMiniToolbarInitialized) is raised the property provides an object of type WPF.TextMiniToolbar or WPF.ObjectMiniToolbar that can be altered, extended or completely replaced.