The SynonymList class represents a synonym list that gets its content from a thesaurus file. It can be used directly by the third overload of the TXSpell.CreateSynonyms method or by the first and second overload when the SynonymList is added to the TXSpell.SynonymLists collection. The implementation loads a synonym list from a thesaurus file that is defined by a synonym list path. When using the synonym list name without a file path, the corresponding thesaurus files of the default synonym lists folder are used.


public class SynonymList
Public Class SynonymList

Introduced: 7.0.


Constructor Description
SynonymList Initializes a new instance of the SynonymList class.


Property Description
DisplayName Gets or sets the text that is displayed for the synonym list inside the options dialog.
IsCreateSynonymsEnabled Gets or sets a value that indicates whether synonyms are created using this synonym list or not.
IsSelectedAsDefault Gets a value indicating whether the synonym list is selected as the default synonym list by the SynonymLanguage property.
Language Gets or sets the SynonymList's language.
Name Gets or sets the synonym list's name.