Class Description
TXTextControl.FrameBase The FrameBase class is the base class of the Image, TextFrame, ChartFrame, BarcodeFrame and DrawingFrame classes.
TXTextControl.FrameBaseCollection The FrameBaseCollection class is the base class of the ImageCollection and TextFrameCollection classes.
TXTextControl.Image An instance of the Image class represents an image in a Text Control document.
TXTextControl.ImageCollection An instance of the ImageCollection class contains all images in a Text Control document or part of the document represented through objects of the type Image.
TXTextControl.ImageEventArgs The ImageEventArgs class provides data for all events that occur with images.


Constructor Description
TXTextControl.Image Initializes a new instance of the Image class.


Event Description
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.ImageCreated Occurs when a new image has been created.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.ImageDeleted Occurs when an image has been deleted.


Method Description
TXTextControl.FrameBase.ChangeZOrder Changes the frame's z-order.
TXTextControl.FrameBaseCollection.Clear Removes all objects from the collection and from the document.
TXTextControl.FrameBaseCollection.GetEnumerator Returns an enumerator that can be used to iterate through the collection.
TXTextControl.ImageCollection.Add Inserts a new image in a Text Control document.
TXTextControl.ImageCollection.CopyTo Copies the elements of the collection to an array, starting at a particular index.
TXTextControl.ImageCollection.GetItem Gets a particular image from the collection.
TXTextControl.ImageCollection.Remove Removes an image from a Text Control document.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.OnImageCreated Raises the ImageCreated event.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.OnImageDeleted Raises the ImageDeleted event.


Property Description
TXTextControl.FrameBase.Alignment Gets or sets the frame's horizontal alignment when it is anchored to a paragraph.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.Bounds Gets the frame's bounding rectangle relative to the upper left corner of the document.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.ID Gets or sets an identifier for the frame.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.InsertionMode Gets or sets a value determining whether the frame is treated as a single character or the document's text either flows around or overwrites the frame.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.Location Gets or sets, in twips, the frame's current location.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.Moveable Determines whether a frame can be moved in the document at run time with the built-in mouse interface.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.Name Gets or sets a name for the frame.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.Size Gets or sets the frame's size in twips.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.Sizeable Determines whether the frame can be resized at run time with the built-in mouse interface.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.TextDistances Gets or sets the distances, in twips, between the frame and the document's text.
TXTextControl.FrameBase.TextPosition Read only.
TXTextControl.FrameBaseCollection.Count Gets the number of elements contained in the collection.
TXTextControl.FrameBaseCollection.IsSynchronized Returns true if the collection is designed to be thread safe, otherwise, it returns false.
TXTextControl.FrameBaseCollection.SyncRoot Gets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the collection.
TXTextControl.Image.ExportCompressionQuality Sets a value between 1 and 100, which is the quality of a lossy data compression used if this image is saved.
TXTextControl.Image.ExportFileName Gets or sets the file name of an image used, if a Text Control document is saved.
TXTextControl.Image.ExportFilterIndex Gets or sets the format used if an image is saved.
TXTextControl.Image.ExportMaxResolution Gets or sets the maximum resolution in dots per inch used if this image is saved.
TXTextControl.Image.FileName Gets or sets the corresponding file name and path from which an inserted image is loaded.
TXTextControl.Image.FilterIndex Gets or sets the format used, if an image is inserted.
TXTextControl.Image.HorizontalScaling Gets or sets an images's horizontal scaling factor in percent.
TXTextControl.Image.InsertionMode (Only for compatibility) Gets or sets a value determining whether an image is treated as a single character or the document's text either flows around or overwrites the image.
TXTextControl.Image.SaveMode Determines whether the image is stored through its data or through its file reference.
TXTextControl.Image.VerticalScaling Gets or sets an images's vertical scaling factor in percent.
TXTextControl.ImageCollection.ExportFilters Gets all available filters for exporting images.
TXTextControl.ImageCollection.ImportFilters Gets all available filters for importing images.
TXTextControl.ImageEventArgs.Image Gets an object that represents the image which causes the event.
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl.Images Gets a collection of all images contained in the main text of the document.