New Features

TX Text Control 21.0 provides the following new features:

HTML5 Web Editor

The new Web.TextControl (HTML5 Web Editor) is an ASP.NET server control that allows the integration of a fully-featured WYSIWYG word processor in ASP.NET Web applications. This control works together with the TX Text Control Web Server running as a Windows Service hosted on a Web server. The TX Text Control Web Server engine is used to synchronize the document with the server in order to provide consistent WYSIWYG text rendering. The technical concept is explained in Modules of TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET Explained. All programming elements belonging to the HTML5 Web Editor can be found in the TXTextControl.Web namespace.

Automatic Language Detection

TX TextControl supports now the language detection feature of the TXSpell 5.0 component. If the IsLanguageDetectionEnabled property has been set to true, a language is automatically detected for all text parts with a neutral language.

Find and Replace

The built-in find and replace dialog boxes have been extended with several new features. The search process is no longer limited to the main text, it can be continued in text frames and in headers and footers. The new FindOptions member MatchWholeWord locates only instances of the search text which are whole words.

Table Programming

A new overload of the Table.Select method allows a certain part of a table defined through two table cells to be selected.

Resource Kit

The built-in Find, Replace and Color dialog boxes have been added to the resource kit and can be localized now.

Content Control Adapter Fields

In Microsoft Word, Content Controls are controls that can be added and customized for use in documents and templates. Those controls provide properties and settings that can be used to automate documents. The TXTextControl.DocumentServer.Fields namespace provides new field adapter classes for the following content controls: RichTextContentControl, PlainTextContentControl, CheckBoxContentControl, ComboBoxContentControl, DateContentControl, DropDownContentControl.

Visualization of the ServerTextControl

The new ServerVisualization.TextViewGenerator class, a special kind of ServerTextControl, can be used to generate an image of the text which is contained in a ServerTextControl. It provides a ServerVisualization.View object, which provides the image and which defines the part of the document for which the image is generated. Furthermore, it offers a ServerVisualization.UserInput object which can be used to simulate keyboard and mouse input. If this user-input affects the image defined through the View object, the image is automatically updated and a View.Changed event occurs. The ServerVisualization.RulerBarViewGenerator and ServerVisualization.StatusBarViewGenerator classes work in the same way to generate images of a status bar and of horizontal and vertical ruler bars. Images of all built-in dialog boxes can be generated through the ServerVisualization.DialogViewGenerator class. Objects of this class can be obtained through the TextViewGenerator.GetDialogBox property. All of these classes can be found in the TXTextControl.ServerVisualization namespace.