Gets a collection of all Microsoft Word or Heiler HighEdit fields that have been created or imported from a Microsoft Word or RTF document. The property value is an object of the type ApplicationFieldCollection. The collection contains all fields contained in the main text of the document.


public ApplicationFieldCollection ApplicationFields { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ApplicationFields() As ApplicationFieldCollection


The following examples describes how to use the 'TXTextControl.MainText.ApplicationFields' property by storing it in a variable of the type 'TXTextControl.ApplicationFieldCollection'.

TXTextControl.MainText mainText = textControl1.TextParts.GetMainText();
TXTextControl.ApplicationFieldCollection mainTextAppFieldColl = mainText.ApplicationFields;
Dim mainText As TXTextControl.MainText = TextControl1.TextParts.GetMainText()
Dim mainTextAppFieldColl As TXTextControl.ApplicationFieldCollection = mainText.ApplicationFields


Read only.